Chartering Deep Sea Dry Cargo

Deep sea division is highly experienced chartering team offers competitive and reliable long term sea freights to our principals so they are not effected by the fluctuations in the market and are able to expand their businesses while at the same time afford to be more flexible. Our aim is to provide a reliable, proffesional and commprehensive bulk and break bulk services to all our close clients.

Company leads Turkish steel mills,profile and coal traders as well as international trade houses and operators. We have close relations with all of the major Turkish Charterers. We have contract of affreightment of coal and met coke to Turkey fm S.Africa. We presently operate dif size of vessel which are between 20.000 dwt and -42.000ts DWT either under ownership and or management.(see our deep sea tonnage tonnage list)

Natural deep sea controlled between 10.000 dwt-50.000 dwt tonnage as well.

Also deep sea division is servicing consultancy contract of affreightment ( between 10.000-50000 mts cgo)

Our achievement is a cost effective and efficient commercial management service of international standard.

A transparent accounting system allowing the principal to view every area of ship accounting, purchasing of stores and supply from the company's own database.

Our wide range of services include.

Deep Sea divison chartering activity is supported by a dedicated postfixture team which ensures that full post-fixture voyage management and accounting are performed to match the professional skills of the brokers.

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